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Friday Evening News Clips

May 29, 2009

Burnt Orange Report, Dear House Republicans – Swing Voters Don’t Care About What You Care About

Burnt Orange Report, Governor Rick Perry, Senate Republicans Oppose CHIP Expansion

Texas Kaos, And now John Cornyn Gets in on the Rush Apology Watch Action

Daily Kos, Start Your Apology Countdown Clocks . . . Now!

Off the Kuff, CHIP dies again

PoliTex, Mayors, business leaders heading to Austin this morning for rally

Postcards, UPDATED: GOP slaps prospective challenger to McCaul with tax attack—which the prospect calls absolutely false

PoliTex, List of local officials in Austin today for rally

Postcards, TxDOT down to local option; Senate gives on fees, timing

PoliTex, Rally speakers warn opponents to “get out of the way” (updated)

Eye on Williamson, Lack of leadership in Texas is painfully obvious

Texas Legislative Update, Pass HB 300 Without Local Option Tax, With Choose Life Plates

The Discerning Texan, Dealergate: Federal Bankruptcy Law and Profits be damned, Obama friends stay open, Republican Contributors Closed


Friday Morning News Clips

May 29, 2009

The Austin American-Statesman, Logjam may doom hundreds of bills

The Dallas Morning News, Senate OKs replenishment of windstorm insurance fund

The Houston Chronicle, CHIP bill no longer on the table

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Windstorm deadline near

The El Paso Times, State Senate OKs budget giving less to border

The El Paso Times, Bill on DPS driver license policy fizzles in House

Wednesday Evening Press Clips

May 28, 2009

Burkablog, Whither Straus?

Postcards, Dewhurst: Voter ID, his future and who’s the worst senator

PoliTex, Dewhurst talks about how House handled Voter ID

Eye on Williamson, Chubbing is done, winners and losers TBD

A Capitol Blog, Republicans Pull The Last Chub

Postcards, UPDATED: Straus files speaker candidacy papers for 2011 session

Burnt Orange Report, Rush Limbaugh’s Support of Rep. Mike McCaul Coming in Loud and Clear

Texas Rainmaker, If It Offends You, Leave Now.

Empower Texans, Gasing Up Taxes

South Texas Chisme, Was San Benito city employee told to get an abortion in order to keep her job?

Letters from Texas, Republicans challenged to a Deuell

Brains and Eggs, Chubbed to death

Texas Politics, Voter ID bill poisons state House

Grits for Breakfast, ‘Chubbing’ kills innocence bills, and many others, in Texas House

PoliTex, Chubbing works both ways

Off the Kuff, And so the chubbing comes to an end

Burnt Orange Report, Democrats Save Voting Rights; Republicans Steal Unemployment Compensation and Grin

Burnt Orange Report, Pinocchio Joe Games the System

Burkablog, Some GOP groups complain of emphasis on Voter I.D.

Burnt Orange Report, Voters to Texas Democrats: “Stand By Your Principles”

Liberal Blog Encourages Minority Voter Suppression in California

May 27, 2009

The grandaddy of all liberal blogs, Daily Kos, is calling for supporters of gay marriage rights to keep minority voting suppressed the next time the issue comes up. Apparently, Daily Kos blames minorities in part for passage of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California.,-Keep-Black-And-Hispanic-Turnout-Low,-and-Counter-Mormon-Money

Wednesday Morning Press Clips

May 27, 2009

The Dallas Morning News, Senator says veto-override bill faces Perry-Dewhurst conspiracy

The Austin American-Statesman, Can this session be saved?

The Dallas Morning News, Capitol Journal: Texas Democrats filibuster voter ID bill for fifth day

The Dallas Morning News, Negotiators send $182.3 billion budget bill to Texas Legislature

Trail Blazers, Unemployment insurance bill dies

The Dallas Morning News, Editorial: Senate rewrite of 10 percent rule trumps House’s revisions

The Austin American-Statesman, House slowdown puts many bills at risk

The Houston Chronicle, Logjam of bills forms in House

The Houston Chronicle, Stimulus won’t go to Perry projects

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas House runs out clock on voter-ID bill, federal stimulus money for unemployment

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Voter ID bill likely doomed

The Burnt Orange Report Discovers that there are Limits to Pure Democracy

May 26, 2009

Welcome to the 1700s, John Locke style, Burnt Orange Report. It seems you’ve finally discovered that America should not be governed by polls alone:

The only problem is that the Burnt Orange Report justifies any issue that Democrats support by the simple pointing to cherry-picked polling numbers. Obviously, if polls are meaningless until the issue is “explained” to the voters, then no polls are relevant, since very few voters have shown that they really know what they’re voting for.

One wonders if the Burnt Orange Report has “explained” to their Democratic base that thinks that Voter ID is so terrible that the bill includes money to pay for photo IDs for those that don’t have them, that the elderly is exempt, and the poor who will supposedly be hurt the most are required to have photo IDs to get benefits under the Lone Star Card and other welfare programs.

The only “poor” who do not have access to these programs are non citizens.

Tuesday Evening Press Clips

May 26, 2009

Bay Area Houston, Why is the Voter ID so important?

Brains and Eggs, Chub-by lovin’

Burkablog, How the Democrats passed Voter I.D.

Burkablog, Voter ID: The real stakes (updated)

Burnt Orange Report, Evan Smith: “That’s the way the game is played, Bubby.”

Burnt Orange Report, Texas House Slowdown Began with Speaker Straus

Burnt Orange Report, Why It’s Voter Suppression, Not Voter Identification

Capitol Annex, In Context Of Voter ID Debate, Bill White’s Republican Ties Very Troubling

Off the Kuff, Perry’s salvage job

Postcards, Senate to Congress: Cease and desist

Postcards, Rep. Raymond: ‘Don’t ask me to betray my beliefs’

Trail Blazers, Voter ID passions starting to stir …

Eye on Williamson, What a day, and there’s still a week to go

Burnt Orange Report, On Voter ID and Public Opinion

Burkablog, Death at Midnight

Tuesday Morning Press Clips

May 26, 2009

The Houston Chronicle, Texas, Florida offer GOP models for the future

The Austin American-Statesman, Voter ID circling the drain

Texas Politics, Anti-illegal immigration lawmaker to run for governor

The Dallas Morning News, House passes top 10 admissions compromise, but more negotiation expected

The El Paso Times, Texas House tense as voter ID fight drags on

Friday Morning Press Clips

May 22, 2009

The Dallas Morning News, House poised to keep top 10 percent rule, with UT exception

Politico, Will GOP attacks on Nancy Pelosi backfire?

Trail Blazers, Steve Ogden stuns smokeless boys with ‘favorable tag’ on weight-based tobacco tax

The Dallas Morning News, Texas legislators expand health care, college aid

The Dallas Morning News, House bill weighs what projects qualify for eminent domain

The San Antonio Express-News, Immigration is easy issue to resolve, but ultimately, won’t be cheap …

Postcards, Texas’ agreement with feds on state schools is posted

The Austin American-Statesman, Powers: Concealed guns wouldn’t promote free expression

The El Paso Times, Texas gun-smuggling law approved

The El Paso Newspaper Tree, Concealed carry on campus: Just a fighting chance.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, House retools Top 10 rule for state universities

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Kennedy: Why the Texas Senate’s long debate on guns on college campuses?

Texas Workforce Commission Awards $2.4 Million in Youth Technology Grants

May 21, 2009


The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has awarded 11 grants totaling $2.4 million for the Texas Youth in Technology (TYT) Strategic Workforce Development initiative. Supported with federal Workforce Investment Act Statewide Activity Funds, the workforce development strategy supports job-growth opportunities that align with Gov. Rick Perry’s Texas Industry Cluster Initiative.




Texas Tech University, $241,449 to sponsor a student design contest for a real-world engineering concept. The project includes scholarships for community college students enrolled introductory distance education engineering courses, engineering outreach through portable laboratories and a peer mentor program.



The University of Texas at Arlington, $272,162 to forge collaborations that increase graduations in STEM fields; provide scholarships for sophomores and junior transfer engineering students; and create women in engineering mentoring and retention activities.



The University of Texas at Austin Cockrell School of Engineering, $221,841 to increase postsecondary enrollments, retention, and the number of engineering and computer science graduates through a women’s outreach program. This will provide scholarships, on-campus jobs, and stipends to teachers to attend workshops and forums.



The University of Texas at Dallas, $242,000 to increase engineering and computer science enrollments, retention and graduates. This will be accomplished through scholarships for targeted populations among existing freshmen and new students, peer and industry leader mentoring, and summer programs to attract and retain students from targeted populations.



University of Houston, $300,000 to create a recruiting plan for high school students from targeted populations to promote careers in engineering; to establish peer mentoring for incoming freshmen and transfer engineering students; and to develop mentoring first-generation undergraduate engineering students.



University of North Texas, $152,393 to recruit and retain targeted populations to computer and engineering programs; to provide scholarships for students who previously attended summer computer science robotics camps and intend to study computer science and engineering at the university; and to provide workshops for high school teachers and counselors.


Prairie View A&M University, $312,137 to increase the freshman retention rate and enrollment in the university’s electrical and computer engineering programs; provide workshops to high school teachers and counselors, and tutoring to high school students; and award scholarships to qualifying students who intend to study engineering.


Richland College (Dallas County Community College District), $48,256 to hire an academic adviser to mentor students studying for associate’s degrees in engineering or computer science, helping to ensure they earn the degrees and transfer to the university level; scholarships to cover the cost of tuition and books for engineering and computer science courses; and faculty mentoring of students.


Sam Houston State University, $178,386 to develop workshops for teachers and counselors; to establish a mentor program for current students, as well as programs targeted to junior high school students, high school teachers and counselors to promote the advantages of a technology-oriented degree; and financial assistance for incoming technology students.

“Educating our youth in advanced skills is one of the greatest tools we have to continue positioning Texas as a national and global economic leader,” said Gov. Rick Perry. “Through support from the Texas Workforce Commission, these initiatives provide the foundation for future high-tech workforce success.”

TYT and resulting projects will establish programs to increase postsecondary enrollments, retention and graduates in engineering and computer science. Working with the Texas Engineering and Technical Consortium (TETC), the grant program also will increase collaboration among Texas employers, institutions of higher education, and collegiate engineering and science departments.

“A diverse workforce, skilled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is critical to the future economic success and competitiveness of Texas,” said Arturo Sanchez III, TETC chair and Texas Instruments manager of Workforce Development.

The 11 grant recipients include:

San Jacinto College, $230,984 to increase postsecondary enrollment and retention by implementing a year-long Careers in Technology Impact Program Ambassador Program for high school students that includes participation in a NASA summer camp, and NASA industry career investigation and exploration.


Southern Methodist University, $211,155 to coordinate summer workshops, including Webinars, and study programs for teachers and counselors to increase knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers, increasing recruitment of engineering and science students.